Auto Repair – Cabin Air Filter Repair Service

Cabin Air Filter Auto Repair Service in Plano TexasCheck out Linear Automotive for dependable Auto Repair in Plano, Texas. Our specialists provide affordable cabin air filter auto repair services in Plano. Linear Automotive provides all services, maintenance and repairs for all vehicle types including Import & European models. We provide dependable and reliable repairs for your vehicle so you can get back on the road in a reasonable time. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive. Since 2006 the auto industry began adding cabin filtration filters for fresher air inside the auto passenger cabin.

In North America alone, it is reported that there are about 30 million vehicles that have cabin filters and most auto owners don’t know that they have one. By the 1980’s many vehicles were built with a cabin filter included. Today, about 90% of newer vehicles include a cabin filter in their passenger cabin. It is similar to a HVAC / heat and ventilation system (air conditioner) filter that can filter the inside of the home. When the auto A/C is turned on to the ‘Fresh Air’ mode, the filter will clean the air before coming inside the cabin, providing you with clean fresh air.

Replacing the Cabin Filter is one of the maintenance services provided when you bring in your vehicle for your maintenance interval. Some may think that this is trivial; however, if you’re prone to allergies, you will feel this is an amazing necessity. The filter can remove some of the pollens, dust and pollutants coming into the passenger compartment protecting you from the polluted city air and the pollen laden country air. Over time this filter will need replacement about once a year or 15K miles. If you live in dust prone areas you may want to replace more frequently. These are quality filters providing pollen, contaminant, smoke, exhaust and micron sized protection.

Two of the most common types of cabin air filters are the carbon filter and the paper filter. The carbon filter is made of thin layers of paper in a fan fold design for trapping dirt. Between these paper layers is a thin layer of carbon to absorb bad odors. Some of these can filter down to 0.001 micron. This type tends to be a little more expensive than average. The paper filter is in most vehicles. This is made of thin layers of paper in a fan fold design. However the difference is that the paper layers are electrostatically charged. These can trap debris down to about as small as 0.22 microns.

The anemometer is a tool that measures the air speed and can be used to determine whether a new air filter is needed. The air speed on high speed from the heater should measure about 9-12 mph (17-20kph). If it is below 9mph, then the filter needs to be replaced. That way it is not necessary to waste time by tearing apart the glove box to access the filter, when the filter status is not known. Linear Automotive can include this replacement, if you would like, during your maintenance interval services or if you are here for any repairs. A good combination is if you are having you’re air conditioner serviced, a new air filter will assist with a fresher smelling air and a better output of air flow.