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Linear Automotive provides the best car engine services & auto repair by highly trained and certified mechanics. We proudly serve Plano, Allen, McKinney, Richardson, Frisco, The Colony, Dallas, Garland, Addison, Sachse, Lucas, Wylie, Rowlett, Murphy, and all surrounding areas. We handle all makes & models including domestic and foreign import car repair.

Brakes & Master Cylinder Repair & Replacement

It is wise to have your brake system checked regularly by an ASE certified auto repair mechanic. A careful inspection of the brake system can help things to continue working properly and keeps maintenance costs lower. It is almost always more expensive when addressing problems after the fact, when they really could have been avoided with a regular brake inspection. Our expert auto mechanics repair master cylinders, fluid, brake lines, sensors, calipers, rotors, brake pads, ABS, and anything else concerning the brake system.

Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Everyone knows the importance of having a working air conditioning system in your car during the summer time. The ac compressor is connected to the ac system with coolant lines. These lines have valve openings where freon can be charged and discharged from the system. The compressor, condenser, evaporator, valves, and lines should be checked by a mechanic every so often for leaks. Compressor failure often results in the need for replacement, as does blower motors, sensors, and regulators. Other auto air conditioning components that could need repair or replacement by an auto mechanic include the duct system, orfice tubes, thermal expansion valves, receiver dryer, and the accumulator. The certified mechanics handle all these auto repairs for all makes and models.

Fuel Injection Repair

When it comes to the fuel injection system repair what people often refer to as a repair is really a cleaning that actually falls under the category of regularly scheduled maintenance. Visit that page of our site or speak with our certified mechanic for more information.

Sensors & Switches

Sensors and switches control vital systems on modern automobiles including acceleration, cooling, braking, steering, charging, starting, instrumentation, handling, and even traction systems. Our auto repair technicians can repair or replace sensors and switches for all makes & models.

Spark Plugs, Starters & Ignition

The ignition starts with the turn of a key ( or the push of a button ) which allows juice to flow from the battery down to the starter which turns the engine igniting the spark plugs allowing the engine to run. Spark plugs should be replaced by a certified mechanic according to the manufacturers factory scheduled maintenance guide. Starters will simply fail when their time is up most often resulting in the need for replacement. Ignition parts can also include sensors and switches as well as fuses.

Water Pumps, Timing Chains & Belts

Timing chains and belts keep the engine components running synchronized with each other. Timing belts and chains should be replaced by a certified mechanic according to the manufacturers specifications during the regularly scheduled maintenance. Beside timing belts there are serpentine belts and other types of belts that run various engine components which should be inspected on a regular basis by a certified auto repair mechanic for cracks and wear. In many instances when an auto repair or maintenance such as a timing belt replacement is being performed the water pump is often replaced as well.

Alternators & Batteries

As a car engine runs it turns the alternator which creates an electrical current that runs the electrical system and recharges the cars battery. Our certified auto repair mechanics can replace alternators that fail or go bad. Batteries can go dead when the alternator fails to work properly or when the battery terminals become corroded which prevents a proper electric current for charging. A battery is generally replaced every few years, but should be inspected each time the oil is changed. Auto mechanics have tools which can determine whether or not the alternator is charging the battery properly.

Front End & Suspension Systems

Front end and suspension systems consist of many moving parts including springs, shocks, and struts. Steering can become erratic or loose when certain components wear out or go bad. When the steering wheel is turned to the far right or far left a bumping sensation can be felt when some front end components go bad. Our certified mechanics provide auto repair services for power steering, shocks, struts, suspension systems, and front ends.

Radiators & Cooling

We noted earlier about the important of the air conditioning system in the summer. The radiator and cooling system is also a very important part of the vehicle system that needs to be checked by a mechanic prior to the arrival of summer. Radiators should be checked by an auto mechanic to ensure proper coolant levels. An inspection for leaks is also important so the engine does not overheat causing potentially serious damage.

Clutch Repair & Replacement

Standard shift cars work with a clutch which will have to be replaced sooner or later. Normally a clutch is replaced about every 100,000 miles. The time it takes for a clutch to wear out depends on how the person is driving the car. When a clutch starts slipping it is time to get a new one. In most cases the engine must be separated from the transmission in order to install a new clutch and pressure plate.


The certified mechanics at Linear Automotive use modern computerized diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and find any problems with your vehicle. Sometimes experience is the best tool we have when it comes to finding & diagnosing problems. We are able to troubleshoot and repair all makes & models, both foreign and domestic. Be sure to ask about our Certified BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus, Audi, and Acura auto repair services, factory scheduled maintenance, and complete auto body shop.

Engine Problem Repair

Linear Automotive’s certified auto repair mechanics have years of experience working on all makes and models both foreign & domestic. We have seen and done it all. Our state of the art facility houses the latest tools and technology which allows us to perform superior work at affordable prices. If you have engine problems and need repairs give us a call. Our friendly and experienced staff are ready to help you.

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